Publications by Hans von Storch: submitted

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  • Gilleland, E., F. Zwiers, D. Wilks, H. von Storch, B.G. Brown, B. Glahn, S. Mason, D.D. Stephenson, J. Fieberg, and D. Johnson: Significant misinterpretations: what role should statistical hypothesis testing play in atmospheric sciences?
  • von Storch, H.: Perceptions of an endangered Baltic Sea
  • von Storch, H.: Preface. In Fu G.: Explosive cylones (in press)
  • Lin L., H. von Storch, Guo D., Tang S., Zheng P., Chen X: The effect of tides on internal variability in the Bohai and Yellow Sea
  • von Storch, H.: Forword. In M. Bohle and E. Marone (Eds): Geo-societal Narratives - Contextualising Geoscience. Springer publisher, in press
  • von Storch, H., and E. Zorita: Revisiting Hansen & Sutera’s suggestion of bimodality in the Northern Hemisphere midlatitude circulation
  • von Storch, H., M. Claussen und C. Gräbel: Zur Geschichte der Klimaforschung in Hamburg. Buchkapitel