Publications by Hans von Storch: submitted

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  • 李德磊 (Li D.), Ph.D.; H. von Storch, Yin B., Xu Z., Donglin Guo D., and Wei W.: Climatology of coastal low level jets over the Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea and the relationship with regional atmospheric circulations
  • Barkhordarian, A., H. von Storch, E. Zorita, P.C. Loikith, and C.R. Mechoso: Observed warming over northern South America has an anthropogenic origin
  • 李琰 (Li Y.), B. Tinz, H. von Storch, 王庆元 (Wang Q.Y.), and 周庆亮 (Zhou Q.L.): Construction of surface air temperature series of Qingdao in China for the period 1899 to 2014.
  • von Storch, H.: Klimawissenschaften. Buch-Vorwort, eingereicht
  • von Storch, H.: Kommunikative Herausforderungen für Klimaforscher. Buchkapitel