Hans von Storch is doing interviews with scientists with different background.
  1. Eminent individuals, who look back on a long scientific career. With different co-interviewers.
  2. 1-2 page interviews with eminent atmospheric scientists, which are published in the Atmospheric Sciences Section of AGU Newsletter.
  3. Internet interviews with members of of the Hamburg center of excellence CLISAP, with Mike Schäfer.

Interviews of eminent scientist

These are interviews with eminent scientists, which have been part of the development of the 20th century science in one or the other way; they are "Zeitzeugen". At the time of the interview, they were typically 75 years old - so that they can look back on career extending over 50 and more years - and somewhat detached from the daily practice and responsibility of leading scientists. The interviews are done by Hans von Storch and different co-interviewers. The interviews with Hans Hinzpeter, Klaus Wyrtki, Reimar Lüst, Harry van Loon and Klaus Hasselmann, all in English and with an introductory comment, are part of a collection, which is online on academia.edu. Many interviews have also been published online, but with poor illustration, by the Niels-Bohr Library and Archives of the Center for History of Physics.

  1. von Storch, H. and K. Fraedrich, 1996: Interview mit Prof. Hans Hinzpeter, Eigenverlag MPI für Meteorologie, Hamburg; in German; DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.23236.83847
    online in English, see: Niels-Bohr Library and Archives of the Center for History of Physics
  2. von Storch, H., J. Sündermann and L. Magaard, 2000: Interview with Klaus Wyrtki. GKSS Report 99/E/74; in English
    Also published in print in Historisch-Meereskundliches Jahrbuch 2000, Vol. 7, 49-94; in M. Jochum and T. Murtugudde (eds.), 2006: Physical Oceanography. Developments since 1950, Springer Verlag, ISB 0-387-30261-1, 203-238, and online by the Niels-Bohr Library and Archives of the Center for History of Physics
  3. von Storch, H., and K. Hasselmann, 2003: Interview mit Reimar Lüst. GKSS Report 2003/16, 39 pp, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.22764.97928; in German; English version the Niels-Bohr Library and Archives of the Center for History of Physics
  4. von Storch, H., G. Kiladis and R. Madden, 2005: Interview with Harry van Loon, GKSS Report2005/8, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.19409.53609; in English. In 2012 also published online by the Niels-Bohr Library and Archives of the Center for History of Physics
  5. von Storch H., and D. Olbers, 2007: Interview with Klaus Hasselmann, GKSS Report 2007/5; in English, 67 pp
    In 2013 also published online by the Niels-Bohr Library and Archives of the Center for History of Physics
  6. von Storch, H., and K. Hasselmann, 2010: Seventy Years of Exploration in Oceanography. A prolonged weekend discussion with Walter Munk . Springer Publisher, 137pp, DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-12087-9
  7. von Storch, H., and K. Emeis, 2017: Hartmut Heinrich - der unbekannte weltberühmte Klimaforscher aus Hamburg . Academia.
    English translation: Hartmut Heinrich – The unknown world-famous climate researcher of Hamburg. An interview . ResearchGate, (DOI 10.13140/RG.2.2.22909.15846)
  8. von Storch, H., und R. Dietrich, 2017: Jan Harff - zwischen Welten . Academia, siehe auch Historisch-Meereskundliches Jahrbuch 23, 2019, 219-264.
    In English: Jan Harff - Between Worlds
    In Polish: Jan Harff - pomiędzy światami
    In Chinese: Jan Harff - 遨游在不同领域之间 DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.20519.65440
    In Russian: Ян Харф v среди миров Academia
  9. von Storch, H., und H. Wanner, 2019: Christian Pfister - ein Historiker, der Grenzen überwindet. Academia.edu
    In English: Christian Pfister - an historian, passing across borders. Academia.edu; see also U Bern.
  10. von Storch H., und H. Langenberg, 2019: Interview mit Jürgen Sündermann. HZG Bericht 2019-1 DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.12015.48807
    于尔根孙德曼访谈录; Academia.edu
  11. von Storch, H., and M. Reckermann, 2020: Anders Omstedt - 45 years of wandering - from processes to systems, through outer and inner seas. International Baltic Earth Secretariat Publication No. 17, February 2020
    Video with statement by Anders Omstedt.
  12. von Storch, H., S. Philip, 2021: Geert Jan van Oldenborgh – approaching truth in a sea of noise and data deficiencies. Academia.edu, 21. January 2021
    in Dutch: van Oldenborgh, G.J., S. Philip, H. von Storch, and M. Allan, 2021: Geert Jan van Oldenborgh – de waarheid benaderen in een zee van ruis en dataproblemen, Meteorologica 1-2021, 1-9
  13. von Storch, H., and M. Claussen, 2021: Mike Hulme: The gentleman understanding climate beyond the fascination of differential equations, Academia.edu, 29 June 2021
  14. Outside of this series, the last interview with late formidable Tom Crowley:
    von Storch, H., H. Wanner and G. Hegerl, 2014: Scientific interview: Tom Crowley (1948-2014). Dust 22, 114-115 DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.21375.61605
This interview series will be continued, but is limited to people which deserve respect because of their remarkable scientific and personal integrity.

An interesting interview, done by William Aspray in 1986 with Philip Thomson on the history of numerical weather prediction (mainly in the 1940s and 1950s) is available from the Charles Babbage Institute at the University of Minnesota.
Jerry North published in 2020 his interesting and informative memoir "The Rise of Climate Science: A Memoir", which is available through Amazon

An different type of interview, namely on the research and development of automatic monitoring technology at HZG and GKSS, was made with Wilhelm Petersen and Friedhelm Schroeder:
  • von Storch, H., und R. Ebinghaus, 2020: MERMAID und FERRYBOX bei GKSS / HZG - Interview mit Wilhelm Petersen und Friedhelm Schroeder Researchgate.net DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.33125.96485

  • Atmospheric Sciences Section of AGU Newsletter

    Hans von Storch was also running in the Atmospheric Sciences Section of AGU Newsletter a series of 1-3 page interviews with eminent atmospheric scientists on their subjective views about the state of science, its developments in recent years, and the perspectives for the future.

    1. July 2009 Heinz Wanner

    2. September 2009 Réne Laprise

    3. November 2009 Raino Heino

    4. January 2010 Christoph Kottmeier

    5. June 2010 Aristita Busuioc

    6. August 2010 Roger A. Pielke, sr.

    7. November 2010 Nanne Weber
      Nanne Weber has passed away on 12 August 2011; in the Dutch newspaper "trouw" a Naschrift on this remarkable "beta-woman" has been published.

    8. December 2010 Alan Robock.

    9. March 2011 Gabriele Hegerl

    10. June 2011 Bette Otto-Bliesner

    11. September 2011 Mong-Ming Lu

    12. November 2011 Tom Knutson

    13. April 2012 Bjorn Stevens

    14. May 2012 Christopher Castro

    15. August 2012 Toshio Yamagata

    16. November 2012 Victoria Slonosky

    17. March 2013 Julia Hargreaves

    All of these shorter interviews are available as a collection in one pdf-file.

    Interviews with members of CLISAP.

    A joint effort with Mike Schäfer. CLISAP ("Integrated Climate Analysis and Prediction") is the center of excellence on climate science in Hamburg. The purpose of this effort is to raise awareness of the different people and their work within the centre of excellence. For an overview, refer also to https://www.klimacampus.de/klima_interviews0.html?&L=1. After 12 interviews, the series was discontinued in August 2012, when funding came to an end.
    1. April 2011 Johanna Baehr

    2. Mai 2011 Beate Ratter

    3. Juni 2011 Michael Funke

    4. July 2011 Jin-Song von Storch

    5. August 2011 Eduardo Zorita

    6. September 2011 Michael Brzoska

    7. December 2011 Sebastian Sonntag

    8. January 2012 Anke Allner

    9. March 2012 Heinke Schlünzen

    10. May 2012 Benjamin Runkle

    11. June 2012 Nicole Kruse

    12. August 2012 Andreas Schmidt